Saturday, October 17, 2009

Would you eat this for lunch?

Othello, WA
Sometimes when looking for news happening, what is not happening becomes a bigger story. Take this bit from the Othello Outlook as an example. Every week they post online their students lunch menu. They also provide a picture.

Let me stress, I'm not a parent, so I completely do not understand how difficult it would be to make a lunch everyday for a kid. And then... why should I? This meal from the school has it all. It has everything necessary to ensure your child is is growing with all the essentials it needs. First, you have your vegetables. I guarantee the first thing a kid will go after is that luscious display of corn, only if they can refrain from that vitamin packed fruit cocktail in the corner.

Then you might say, what about things like riboflavin? Not to worry, the school has a mini pretzel along with a small mustard pack to fulfill the grains needed in a growing child's diet. And of course, everyone knows that chocolate milk has less fat than regular milk. It almost makes you wonder then why as adults we would even consider drinking white milk?

One thing not mentioned is the pizza, but what is there to mention? Everyone knows that with it, the kids get their daily allowance of Vitamin Delicious.

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  1. I'm going to make this exact lunch at work next week and wait for comments...