Monday, February 18, 2013

Mercer Island residents enraged by possible I-90 tolls...all other Washingtonians prepare world's smallest violin...

Mercer Island, WA. 

Mercer Island residents are once again up in arms over the perceived mistreatment and hardships imposed upon them by their volvo-less neighbors.

"If it is not one thing, it is, of course, another," said Mercer Island resident Duke Channing Charles McChannington III. "With what tax will they assail us next, I wonder? A monocle tax? Well there is little chance I will give them any of my hard-earned gold bullion bars for that, I can assure you," he chortled through his well-oiled mustache.

Mercer Island resident Sean Perryman (real Mercer Island resident) shares Duke McChannington's concern.

"If it's tolled then I don't know, I think I'm going to be stranded here for a little while," he said. (He actually said that).

"Whoopiddydoo!!," exclaimed every single non-Mercer Island resident of Washington. "Stay there!," they added.

 - Clambaker