Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ask the Mask

Here is your chance to ask the Gov. Christine Gregoire Mask questions about life, love, and BBQ cooking.

Reader: Dear Mask,  Do you think the government has any UFO's in captivity?

Gregoire Mask: Fool! Thou hast awoken me from my slumber and shall pay the ultimate price! Hatred and scorn shall accompany you and your hands and feet shall grow wearisome. The government has never claimed to have any extra terrestrial material in their possession. Now thou shalt perish under my wrathful lazy eye!

Reader: What do you think about me getting a tattoo of my cat and I fighting the devil, but also an inverse of the same tattoo on my cat with me and the devil fighting against my cat?

Gregoire Mask: Wicked...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nickels finds McGinn's playbook. Shopping for bike on Craigslist.

                                               "16% of you get a fucking kiss."

Secretary of State -  

Kim Wyman (R)     360,304     39%
Mike the Mover (R)  195,884     21%
"Griz" Nickels                            16%