Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hope Solo signs with Women Sounders. Wait.... Whaaaat??

Tukwila, WA
Here at the Apple we might consider ourselves sports fans. We like the Mariners, the Rainiers, the Seahawks, and of course our favorite, the Storm who as of tonight just advanced to the next round of the playoffs! (Just kidding about the playoffs, but you wouldn't know) So when the news broke today about the US star goal keeper coming to play with the womens Sounders team, my immediate reaction was, I have to look this up on the internet. And sure enough, there is not only a womens soccer team, but there is an entire league!

Now I know you must be eager to learn more about all this, so I did some research to save you some time and posted some frequently asked questions below.

W-Sounders FAQ
1. Are the rules in the W-league the same rules as in the MLS?
A) No. There is no scoring in the W-league. This was always sort of an "unwritten" rule, but as of this season the refs will be watching out for it.

2. My friends and I suffer from "Cold Neck" so we must wear scarves to sporting events. Will we still fit in at a W-Sounders game?
A) No. Although the W-Sounders sympathize with victims of Cold Neck Syndrome or CNS, they would prefer to let the stadium be more of a home for those with Ankle Freeze and who are forced to wear leg warmers to the match.

3. I am really excited for the season. When does the schedule come out?
A) The coaches and the players parents will have a meeting next week to determine the best time slots for everyone. The schedule should come out soon after that.

4. I have heard drums and singing at the MLS Sounders game. Can I expect that here too?
A) No. The drums and the singing you heard was an idea the fans had to give them something to do during the game. The W-Sounders encourage you to bring a Kindle.

Monday, February 13, 2012

OK gay people, let's set something straight...

Olympia, WA
Well you got the right to legally get married in this state now and to that I will say congratulations. But I will also say...You blew it! Oh man, you had a great thing going. It was the ultimate out of any relationship. Total sense of freedom at all times. You could have been in a totally long and meaningful relationship and then one day just decide you don't want to go home and the next thing you know you are making grape soda in the back of an old school bus in Fairbanks and no one could do anything about it!

Or anytime your significant other put any pressure on you, the easy reply was yeah, I know, bummer about this whole legal stuff, huh? Well all that is in the past now. Time to move forward and enjoy the world of divorce attorneys and alimony.

And a little insiders wedding tip, The best time to have a wedding is in the middle of a 3 day weekend. It will give people something to do!