Saturday, July 16, 2011

State Off #2 - It's pronounced wis-CAN-sin

So there is the only joke I will do about the accent there. But, man, it's so easy.

Time for a State Off.

State Shape

Look at this image with it's squared off corners and it's rectangular shape. Yes, it has shape.

What is this blob all about? It looks like Admiral Akbar getting ready to gargle some salt water.

Winner: Washington

State Beaches

Enjoy this. Breathe it in. The sun setting on sculptured rock formations. The wind swept trees standing the test of time. The air of mystique can swallow you whole and you can live inside it's belly for 3 days and nights before it spits you out.

Well this is... Actually, I just feel bad that someone felt compelled to take this photo.

Winner: Washington

Baseball Mascot

Bernie the Brewer, supposedly. Nothing creepy about that. I'll tell you, as a kid, I used to love having drunk, mustached men come up to me and give me hugs. Oh, I'm sure there is some good ol' timey story that goes along with him, but let me tell you a little story of my own.....

It's the story about an old mustached man that went for a walk in the woods and found himself between an adult moose and her calf.

Winner: Washington

Well what about Green Bay?

Sorry, our waters are blue. Glacier blue.

Winner: Washington

Going over the numbers, it looks like Washington comes out on top 4-0. A clean sweep. Now I don't want to leave this without something Wisconsin can be proud of. But then again, they put cheese on there head. Pride might be gone. So instead, fill your shame hole with some fried cheese, salty milk brats, and pork lard kringles. Then wash it away with an 18 pack of MGD 64.

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