Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Annual Seattle to Portland Bike Classic Thrills Riders of all Ages

Portland OR

The Annual bike ride along the side roads of I-5 brought out thousands of cyclists last weekend. And although the bike ride ends in Oregon, the majority of it takes place in Washington, because Oregon is boring.

We sent our regional events correspondent, Lowtide, to Portland to cover the event. But since he didn't get the article written by the deadline, I am left here with just some notes to transcribe.

  • A lot of hippies walking around
  • Portland girls are pretty hot
  • Had to walk far to find a bar
  • Pretty shitty old fashioned here. Trying the place across the street
  • No Makers Mark! WTF?
  • Damn bikers wear some stupid clothes
  • Fuck you Bartender!
All in all, it sounds like another successful year for the STP classic. Hope to see you there next year.

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