Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks Washington State...Keep on Giving

Here at The Apple we can sometimes have a tendency to get down on certain politics or events. But it comes from a deep seeded love for the state. Especially things like this. Where else could you find an event such as the image above? When this photo came across my desk it left me speechless for an article as well as beaming with pride.

Sure socks and sandals is an easy go to, and is even more ridiculous to be matched up with a tuxedo. Or it might be easy to call out hiking boots and sweatshirts on a beach. But what makes this so great (and so Washington) is the actual event itself. The assumed emcee of this event is obviously prepared as he is holding a handful of notes and questions. And for who you might wonder the big affair? A fucking dog.

As much as I wish I was at this event, I wasn't. So here I am left to speculate on what this dog might have to say that merits this event. An event so great that there are children standing around with balloons! Yes, even the balloon sales guy is cashing in on this spectacle.

I can only imagine the dog spoke of the looming budget deficit or the lack of sunshine we have seen for the last 8 months or so. But instead I am told the dog is the Grand Champion Seagull Caller. Again, thank you Washington.

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