Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guess what?...Oh, nothing

Seattle, WA

The WNBA season is now in full swing. Did you know that? I just found out myself. I did a little "research" and found out there are actually 12 teams. Here's a fun game, how many can you name? Well, How did you do? Here is a scoring breakdown;

0-1 teams: normal
1+ teams: Sports Guru

Also through my research I learned Connecticut has a team. I had never heard of that city and was more surprised to find out it is a state. And Seattle has a team. Not a NBA team but a WNBA team. I learned they play in a place called Key Arena which is named after some banking institution. They have a word on their jersey that reads Bing. Supposedly this is some kind of search engine for the internet.


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