Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Normal weather brings in annual June Joke Off

Seattle, WA
Western Washington is in the middle of the biggest at-work comedy festival of the year. Typical cool temperatures mixed with average rainfall is providing employers and employees with some golden opportunities to display their talents. "It's the biggest showcase of the year!" raved one fan. "It's even bigger than the People Can't Drive in Snow Festival."

One employee at REI left his coworker in stitches, literally. When Jake Riley showed up to work wet from his bike commute he cracked," Man, that sure was a nice summer we had last week." This gut buster got his coworker laughing so hard, he fell from the climbing wall and naturally, on to a pile of tent stakes.

Then there was the ten year employee at the Northgate Zoopa who kidded as she headed out the door, "So, should I use my winter umbrella, or my summer umbrella?" The place went hysterical. Coworker Lucy said, "Wow! She is usually so quiet. I didn't know she was capable of such flimflam."

But the current leader this year is the always smug Leonard Watts at the state DOT, who caused a minor work stoppage due to uncontrollable laughter around the office. When asked what the weather was supposed to be like the next day, Leonard's dead pan delivery sealed the deal. "If you can see Mt Rainier it is going to rain. If you can't see it, it already is." New hire Dave summed it up best. "I am so lucky to have a cubicle across from him. He takes comedy to a new level."

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