Friday, May 27, 2011

Remember this guy? He's now giving 1.9% less

Olympia, WA
News came out this week that the state budget was balanced. That should be news all in itself. Every company does this, it is mandatory to success. But the government is different. They have the people's interest to look out for. With the number one interest being our future.

So why in the world would the state decide that teachers should take a pay cut? Teachers are the smartest people voted into their position by the state to... Just learned that that teachers volunteer to do that job. Also just learned that they don't work summers. What the fuck??

Are you kidding me? No summers? What? Two weeks at Christmas, a week for spring? What...the...fuck?

OK, I realize I've learned a lot from teachers. I wouldn't be able to type this if it wasn't for my alcoholic divorced bitch of a typing teacher I had. Imagine if she didn't devote all her efforts into her job. I might think z was where q was. Do you really want to cut her pay? I do. Typing teacher??? That's your job? I can learn that without you bitch, just like your husband told you I could. And you think you deserve the summer off?

Sorry good teachers out there who take their job serious, but I went to school. I know the deal without having to sit in the teachers lounge. (you have a lounge, I have a lunchroom). But I know as an adult that a pay cut is nothing that I will ever feel sorry about.

P.S. I was raped by my typing teacher

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