Monday, August 15, 2011

Uncle Milty

Milton, WA

It looks like the fine city of Milton wants to play. After reviewing my voters pamphlet for King County's August 16 primary, the first candidate that jumped out was Caleb Lewis who is running for Mayor of Milton. My first thought was my nieces husband is running for mayor,but after I read Caleb's bio, I knew this student is for real. He is currently attending Oregon State University and does not understand the meaning of "Act Globally, Educate Locally."I will not go on and rip this local who wants to defect from Washington for his education, since he will not be my mayor. Although, I do suggest that the residents of Milton do some research on your incumbent, Debra Perry, who's eduction consists of: Business, Commercial Art, Real Estate School; Planning and Development Course. I think we all know that you don't learn curb appeal at a university.


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