Friday, August 9, 2013

Good try, Timothy Treadwell...

Greeting from sunny British Columbia!

Man...been long, hard working year for Squatch! Squatch been so busy cleaning den, skinning deer, painting cave, hiding old bones of ancestors........and listening to Mrs. Squatch bitch and moan all the time!..."when you fix rabbit traps? When you get haircut? Why you like hot neighbor Squatch better than me? You no love me anymore!" Squatch say, "Squatch fix rabbit traps when you lose 50 pounds!" hahahahahahaha!! Squatch in trouble now!

I suppose it just normal busy work and life feel Squatch's pain. Squatch know you busy too. Everybody busy! Life just movin' too fast! John Lennon say, "life what happen when you busy makin' other plans." That so true, Squatch think.

Squatch thought maybe head up north for break this summer to kick back and enjoy some french fry with gravy and some glacier-chilled Kokonee Gold. Everything goin' great until some asshole turn up and film Squatch hangin' out.

What the fuck, man? Squatch come to your vacation and film you?

Anyways...Squatch beeline it outta there in nick of time. Squatch still pissed wannabe Grizzly Man get some video of Squatch. Squatch attempting to contact Anonymous to ask them to hack YouTube and take down video.

Anonymous...if you read Washington Squatch immediately for special favor...


 - Squatch

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