Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fin whale attempts to pick up stakes and move to a better life in Washington state...fails...dies...just like you would

Maybe you are considering taking that offer from your company and moving your family to the Pacific Northwest. Maybe you've heard of the legendary natural beauty, the amazing selection of banh-mi sandwiches...or maybe you're just fascinated by the idea of drinkable tap water...

Well stop right there, Mr. and Mrs. Fancypants, non-gluten eating, east-coaster. You should stay right where you are.

If a 50 ton whale can't hack it here, what chance do you have? And if you fail, Washingtonians will line up around the block to take picture of other locals taking pictures of themselves and tweeting about your dead carcass. 

Stay away. You've been warned... 

 - Clambaker

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