Monday, November 9, 2009

Speaker Pelosi visits Seattle hospital and receives swine flu vaccine... in her face

Seattle, WA
Just two days after heading the health care reform bill through the House, Speaker Pelosi visited Swedish hospital on First Hill to receive what she claims to be a double whammy. The H1N1 inoculation should carry her health through the winter while injecting it in her face should help her snowballing aging effects.

"It's really not a new procedure," claims Dr. Jim H Vandy. "This is the same way we test the vaccine on the rats... and they look great!"

Rep. Jim McDermott added, "She's amazing. I don't even think she blinked during the procedure, but then she feels no pain. I'm just so tickled that she likes my purple tie."

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  1. Before visiting the hospital to get her HIV meds, her H1N1 virus shot, her flu shot and her "I don't know any terrorist at Fort Hood" truth serum she paid a visit to the WAC which stands for "Women Are Cool". Here she drummed up donatins for her unre-election campaign which will be used for living expenses in Tent City when she is unre-elected