Monday, October 9, 2017

More thing change, more thing stay same… (And other thoughts on transitions…)

Squatch here. Ever notice how Autumn often make for good season for reflections? Good time to check in with one self and say, “hey…everything on track? You still hang in there buddy?”

Question like, “Where Squatch at in life? Squatch happy? Squatch on track for retirement? Squatch ready for bigger commitment to Wendy?”

Life funny like that. One day just walking in woods and thinking, “everything okay dokay and fun.” Then Fall come and think, “maybe time get serious. Not young, handsome football captain squatch no more!!”

Speaking of Autumn… When dang pumpkin spice trend start? EVERYTHING need to be pumpkin spiced? Regular Oreo® not good enough… need pumpkin spice Oreo®?

Sometimes Squatch visit pumpkin patch. Legend true, mostly. Sometimes Squatch steal maybe few pumpkins…here or there…not too many. Squatch not proud of it, but Squatch need to get by too, you know?

Squatch never split open pumpkin, take long whiff and think, “need to make everything smell and taste like this! Even Oreos®!”

Oreos® fine as-is, people. Fine. As. Is.

> Cold weather = < Meat = Squatch raid pumpkin patches for food. Not rocket science, people.

Plus… some jerk start trapping mice in North Cascades for fun and ruin Squatch’s food source. Sent chipmunk friend Cody to investigate but he not come back. Rumor he trapped too. Sad.

Prime suspect this man! Squatch want to ask him some questions. You see him, you tell squatch where.

Also... squatch provide Missing posters for Cody. Please post in your neighborhoods. You seen him?? Hard to envision life without good friend Cody. 

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