Thursday, February 26, 2015

Who's more Seattley than Seattle? Portland, apparently...

God damnit, Seattleites...are you going to stand for this shit? Portland is out-boycotting Seattle...your home!! YOUR HOME!!! The place you retire to at the end of a long day of heavy computing to eat your gluten-free lettuce wraps!! YOUR FUCKING HOME!

Well, I say fuck that and fuck Portland! Get out there and boycott something right now, you lazy boobs. May I suggest tunnels, to start?

And if you're one of the 27.3% who are already boycotting something... a big "thank you!" You people are doing great. But, Clambaker thinks you can do better! Either continue boycotting the current thing you are boycotting, only harder....OR...boycott something new! Like tunnels. Unless you're already boycotting tunnels...then boycott tunnels harder...because the movement needs you...

 - Clambaker

1 comment:

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