Thursday, February 13, 2014

Seattle proposes new Yessler Terrace...A Perfect Escape Plan for Kidnappers!

Feb 13, 2014,

If you live anywhere near seattle you have probably found yourself at one point trying to walk up 10th Ave to get to Boren Ave only to discover it is a dead end. With the new development planned by the city council, those days are about to come to end. The new stairwell/ramp up the hillside seems like the perfect plan to connect these communities...or is it?

At first glance, everyone seems to be enjoying a typical Seattle day hanging out on the north end of the International District. But a closer look and you will see an underground train of child abduction. The masterminds behind this plan want you to believe this is a beautifying project, when it is actually a pathway for children to start a life in the downtown sweatshops. The new stairwell makes this process so easy, children can even be hauled away two at a time! And the only person trying to prevent this injustice is confined to a wheelchair who is consistently blocked by a man wearing a white sweater. If you see any of these people, report them immediately.

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